Cattle scale

Cattle scale for weanlings and calves

Cattle scale Agreto
Cattle scale Agreto

Agreto Animal scale for cattle

The Agreto cattle scale for small cattle like weanlings, heifers and calves is a galvanized steel cage construction. It can be used for animals up to 500 kg.

Benefits of cattle scales

Application areas of the Agreto cattle scale

Cattle scale Agreto weanlings


The Agreto cattle scale is ideal for weighing young cattle quickly and easily.

Horse scale Agreto

Other animals

This practical scale enables all animals up to approx. 500 kg to be weighed quickly and easily.

Why Agreto?

Agreto Quality Made in Austria

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users

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Datasheet Agreto Cattle scale


Cattle scale Agreto


Technical data cattle scale

Weighing technology:
Loadcells:4 shearbeam loadcells
Loadcell capacity:4,000 kg / 8,800 lbs
Safe overload:150 %
Operating temperature:-35 to +70 C, -31 to +158 F
Protection class:IP68
Scale construction:
Weight range:500 kg / 1,100 lbs
Resolution:0.5 kg / 1.0 lbs
Material:hot dip galvanized steel
Inner dimensions:180 x 75 x 130 cm (L-W-H)
Outer dimensions:191 x 85 x 142 cm (L-W-H)
Weight:190 kg

Downloads for HD1 weight indicator

Manual Weight indicator Agreto HD1


Datasheet Weight display Agreto HD1


Quick guide Agreto Weight indicator HD1

Quick Guide

Agreto Weight indicator HD1 cattle


Stand Weight indicator Agreto HD1


Agreto Weight indicator HD1


Technical data HD1 weight indicator

Material: stainless steel
Weight range: 0 to 999,999 kg / lb
Display: 6-digit backlit LCD, digits height: 25 mm
Resolution: 0.001 to 50 kg / lb
Functions: auto zero, manual zero, zero stabilisation, summing, automatic animal mode, energy saving mode
Operating temperature:-20 to +70 C, -4 to +158 F
Protection class:IP67
Power supply:110 to 230 VAC or 2 AA batteries 1.5 V
Dimensions (with bracket):258 x 178 x 58 mm (W-H-D)

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