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Agreto - Professional equipment for farmers

Agreto is a successful agricultural electronics manufacturer and supplier based in Austria. We have been dealing with information technology and measurement technology for 30 years. Our goal is to offer our distributors and customers the most professional products in the field of agricultural electronics.

Most important to us are the customer benefits and the reliability of our products. At Agreto, we continue to develop our product range and look for new tools and measuring methods that make work in agriculture easier and more efficient.



The entire development of our products takes place in-house. In addition to the know-how in the areas of hardware and software development, our team is also related to agriculture and knows exactly the requirements of the users of our products.



Producing measuring instruments places high demands to the production. Thanks to our own mechanization, we can optimally meet our high quality requirements and, on the other hand, produce the units cost-effectively in a flexible way.



We try to keep the service costs for our products as low as possible. Should any of our products still require repair, you can rely on our service team.

The outstanding quality features of Agreto products

AGRETO AgriCounter endurance test

Extremely robust

Agreto products are not cheap throw-away products, but high quality and durable devices.
Our products are “Made in Austria”. Development, production and assembly take place at our locations in Austria.

agreto products are precise

High precision

Measurement results of our devices are used in practice for far-reaching decisions. We always try to offer products with the best possible accuracy and safety. Agreto products have to prove themselves in practical tests before they reach the market.

agreto products packaging

Practical and attractive packaging

We keep the packaging as small and environmentally friendly as possible, so almost all Agreto products can be shipped with standard parcel services. For presentation in the shop our boxes are nicely printed and have a Euro-suspension.

Agreto 5 years warranty

Long life span

Despite the rapid technical development and the overwhelming innovations, we always attach great importance to the practical benefits for the users of our products over a long period of time. This is clearly demonstrated by the manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.


Distributors wanted

You can become our international distributor in your country or region. We would like to support you in the sale of Agreto products and offer you interesting conditions.
Come ahead of your competitors and expand your product range with our assortment.

We look forward to your inquiry

Become our OEM Partner

For you as an OEM partner, we can adapt our products to your design needs and your functionality requirements. Use your well-known and positively occupied brand name in combination with our proven products.
Take advantage from our competence, quality and future security as well as our many years of experience in the field of measuring and weighing technology.

Our products - Your success


New Agreto products

hour meter agricounter vibration

Hour meter

Absolutely tamper-proof hour counter for all machines and devices.

Cattle scale Agreto

Cattle scale

Animal scale with cage construction for young cattle and other animals up to 500 kg.

Tank Counter Agri Counter Load Agreto

Tank / Load counter

Counter for determining the amount of loads on transport vehicles.

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