Acre meter

Hektar meter for tillage equipment

Acre meter Agri Counter Drive Agreto
Acre meter Agri Counter Drive

Agreto AgriCounter Drive

The AgriCounter Drive is an absolutely tamper-proof counter for machines and implements with transport wheels or gauge/support wheels. It can be used to count the worked area, the distance or only the number of revolutions.
The AgriCounter is mounted directly on the wheel. The counting is done by rotation of the meter itself around its own axis. To determine the distance, the revolutions are multiplied with the circumference of the wheel. To calculate the area, the distance is multiplied with the working width.

Benefits of acre meters

Who are the typical customers?

Acre meter Agri Counter Drive seeding machine


The purchase and use of machines cause high costs. For calculation and maintenance, farmers should know the real use of their machines.

Service company

Service companies

Contractors are often use machinery that does not have accurate data recording. With the AgriCounter, areas, distances and working times can be recorded precisely.

maschine rental

Machinery rental

Farmers or companies who own machines for rent do not want to rely on the estimations of the tenants. With the AgriCounter the actual values are recorded abolutely tamper-proof.

using machines together

Machine communities

Machine communities need a simple but reliable billing base for their machines. The AgriCounter is the ideal device for this requirement.

For which machines is the AgriCounter Drive suitable

Acre meter Agri Counter Drive disc harrow

Tillage equipment

Most tillage equipment does not have on-board electronics. An AgriCounter can be mounted on the machine to determine the worked areas and if necessary also the operating hours.

Acre meter Agri Counter Drive trailer

Transport vehicles

On transport vehicles, the AgriCounter drive can determine the driven kilometers in a tamper-proof way. If required, the operating hours can also be recorded.



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Hardnesstest for the AgriCounter, the device is unaffected by loads, shocks and  wetness.

Why Agreto?

Agreto AgriCounter Vibration box

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users


Manual Agreto AgriCounter Drive


Datasheet Agreto AgriCounter Drive


Agreto AgriCounter Drive


Delivery scope AgriCounter Vibration Agreto


Acre meter Agri Counter Drive Agreto


Technical data

Display range9999,99 ha
Resolution:0,01 ha
Display range9999,99 km
Resolution:0,01 km
Display range999999
Display range99,99 km/h
Resolution:0,01 km/h
Display range:9999,99 h
Display format:hhhh:mm or hhhh,hh (adjustable)
Resolution:1 minute or 0,01 hours
Accuracy:1 second
Power supply: 2 x AAA (included)
Battery life: approx. 3 years with standard batteries
Weight: 250 g
Device dimensions: 92 x 52 x 33 mm (l-w-h)
Box dimensions: 235 x 160 x 60 mm (l-w-h)

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