Intelligent counting devices for agriculture

More and more agricultural machinery is being used in communities or tenancies. However, many of these machines do not have their own on-board electronics for billing the operating times, so counter units must be retrofitted.

To ensure a complete billing of the expensive machines, the devices must be reliable and above all tamper-proof. With the AgriCounter series Agreto has a range of smart products for recording operating hours, distances, areas and loads.

Hour meters

Most machines are billed by operating hours. For this purpose, simply an hour meter that detects the movement of the machine is mounted.

Hour meter Agri Counter Vibration Agreto

Hour meter AgriCounter Vibration

The AgriCounter Vibration is an absolutely tamper-proof hour meter for all machines and devices. The recording of the hours is done by movement or vibration of the machine.
By mounting on a foldable side part or chassis part, the separate summation of working time (use in the field) and travel time (travel to the field) can be done, only by changing the position of the counter.

Acre meters

For tillage equipment and other machines used on agricultural land, billing according to the actual area being worked on is expedient.

Acre meter Agri Counter Drive Agreto

Acre meter AgriCounter Drive

The AgriCounter Drive can be used as a revolution counter, distance counter or area counter.
It is mounted directly on a revolving wheel of the machine and counts the revolutions through its own rotation, without external sensors. With the adjustable parameters working width and wheel circumference the area is calculated.

Load and tank counters

For transport vehicles and tankers billing is often based on the number of transported loads, possibly in combination with the operating hours.

Tank Counter Agri Counter Load Agreto

Tank Counter AgriCounter Load

The AgriCounter Load is a tamper-proof counting device for the determination of transported loads of transport vehicles.
It is mounted directly on the level indicator of a slurry tanker or on a moving part of a push-off trailer or self-loading wagon.
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