Forklift scale

Forklift scale / Loader scale

Forklift scale Agreto
Forklift scale Agreto

Agreto hydraulik scale

The Agreto hydraulic scale for forklift and front end loader measures the pressure
in the lifting hydraulics and calculates the weight of the load.
The system is ideally suited for checking the weights when loading transport vehicles.

Benefits of a forklift scales

Application areas of hydraulik scales

Forklift scale Agreto sensor


Because of  the vertical lifting device of a forklift, the pressure in the lifting hydraulics can reliably be converted to the weight of the load.

Hydraulik scale Agreto Front loader

Front loader

In a front loader, the hydraulic scale can  be used with single-acting hydraulic lift and at a defined lifting height.

Why Agreto?

Agreto Quality Made in Austria

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users

Downloads forklift scale

Manual Agreto Hydraulic forklift scale


Datasheet Agreto Hydraulic forklift scale


Quick Guide Agreto Hydraulic forklift scale

Quick Guide

Forklift scale Agreto loading wheat


Forklift scale Agreto


Technical data

Max. load: 6,000 kg  (adjustable)
Resolution: 5 kg  (adjustable)
Pressure sensor:
Max. pressure: 250 bar
Safe overload: 120 %
Accuracy: 0,1 %
Operating temperature: -20 to +65 C / -4 to  +149 F
Hydraulik connection: M14 x 1,5, inner angle 37 degree
Cable length: 4 m
Material:plastic housing
Display:6-digit backlit LCD display, digits height: 20 mm
Power supply:12 to 24 V
Power supply cable:2 m
Operating temperature:-10 to +50 C / +14 to  +122 F
Dimensions:164 x 77 x 81 mm (w-h-d)
Functions:zero, tare, stable weight while driving, summing, external input for summing

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