Measuring devices

Measuring devices for agriculture

The quality control of the products produced is part of the daily work of farmers, agricultural contractors and dealers. The analysis of samples in laboratories is usually too expensive and too slow. Therefore fast determination devices are used in practice.

Moisture meters

A crucial parameter of agricultural products is moisture. The water content is responsible for the quality and storability of many goods. The Agreto product range includes moisture meters for important agricultural products.

Hay moisture tester 50 cm Agreto

Hay and straw moisture meter

The Agreto HFM II hay and straw moisture meter is a fast determination device for measuring the moisture of compressed hay and straw.

The measurement is made by piercing the lance into the bale, the display of the result is in real time.

Baler moisture tester Agreto

Baler mounted moisture meter

The Agreto PFM II baler mounted moisture tester is a fast determination device for measuring the moisture during the baling process.

The baler-mounted sensor measures the moisture content of the material in real time during the baling process, this allows the driver to react immediately.

Temperature measurement

Many agricultural products that are stored must be controlled for warming to maintain the quality and prevent the fire hazard. Normally this is done with simple temperature probes.

Temperature Probe 1,5m Agreto

Temperature probe

The Agreto temperature probe is a device for measuring the temperature in agricultural goods.

The lance is inserted into the material. The sensor installed at the tip measures the temperature, which is shown on the display on the handle.

Soil analysis

Unwanted soil compaction poses a problem in agriculture. It inhibits root growth and disturbs the exchange of water, air and nutrients between the soil layers. This ultimately leads to permanent yield losses. A soil penetrometer makes it possible to detect compacted layers and to take the appropriate measures.

Soil Compaction Tester

Soil compaction tester

The Agreto soil penetrometer is a device for determining the compaction of soil on agricultural land.

During piercing into the ground, the penetration resistance is measured. This way, compacted layers can be detected in the soil and loosening measures can be taken.

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