Temperature probe

Temperature meter for agricultural goods

Temperature Probe 1,5m Agreto
Temperature Probe 1,5m

Agreto Temperature probe

The Agreto temperature probe is a device for measuring the temperature in agricultural goods.

The lance is inserted into the material. The sensor installed at the tip measures the temperature, which is shown on the display on the handle.

Benefits of a temperature meter

  • Temperature control in the warehouse
  • Ensures food quality and prevents damage through fungal decay or rot
  • Increases storage security
  • Prevents from fire
  • Saves time and costs due to unusable raw materials

Application areas of the temperature probe

Temperature Probe expamle grain


The harvested and stored grain should be stored as loss-free and without sacrificing quality until sale. Warming and uneven temperature distribution cause many problems and need to be monitored.

Wood chips

If damp wood chips or other biomass are stored and compacted, there is a risk of warming up and, as a consequence, the risk of fire. Critical storage situations should be controlled.

Temperature Probe Expamle Hay


Monitoring the temperature in the haystack is one of the most important measures after the storage of hay in order to minimize quality losses and to prevent the risk of fire.

Temperature Probe Expamle Compost


During composting, the temperature development in the various phases of the rotting process is monitored and intervened if necessary.

The ideal probe length for every application

Temperature Probe 1,0m Agreto

1 m

The short version for hay bales and other locations with small dimensions.

Temperature Probe 1,5m Agreto

1,5 m

The standard length for universal use.

Temperature Probe 2,0m Agreto

2 m

The longer version with nevertheless small transport dimensions.

Temperature Probe 2,8m Agreto

2,8 m

The longest version for checking big stores and haystacks.

Why Agreto?

Agreto Temperature Meter Box

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

  • Reliable manufacturer from Austria with professional service
  • Market leading device in many countries worldwide
  • High quality product with very low service effort
  • Instruction manual in 25 languages
  • Promotional packaging with hanging loop
  • Space-saving delivery in disassembled condition
  • Individualization of the product for OEM partners possible
Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users

  • Robust - Handle and probe are completely made of stainless steel
  • Fast - Due to the aluminum tip, the probe has a fast response
  • Practicable - The temperature is measured at the tip and displayed on the display near the handle
  • Safe - The display is integrated in a stainless steel housing
  • Durable - 5 years warranty


Manual Agreto Temperature probe


Datasheet Agreto Temperature probe


Quick Guide Agreto Temperature probe

Quick Guide

Measuring temperature corn Agreto Temperature probe


Temperature Probe Handle Detail Agreto


Temperature Probe 1,5m Agreto


Technical data

Length of probe:100 / 150 / 200 / 280 cm
Probe diameter:16 mm
Temperature range:– 50 to +110 C, -58 to +230 F
Resolution:0.1 %
Accuracy:1.0 %
Power supply:battery 1 x LR44 (included)
Weight (100 cm):1.150 g
Weight (150 cm):1.430 g
Weight (200 cm):1.820 g
Weight (280 cm):2.360 g
Device dimensions (100 cm):1.040 x 281 x 47 mm (l-w-h)
Device dimensions (150 cm):1.540 x 281 x 47 mm (l-w-h)
Device dimensions (200 cm):2.040 x 281 x 47 mm (l-w-h)
Device dimensions (280 cm):2.840 x 281 x 47 mm (l-w-h)
Box dimensions:1.530 x 85 x 55 mm (l-w-h)

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