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Platform scale Agreto
Platform scale Agreto

Agreto galvanized platform scale

Platform scales are the most universally applicable scales in agriculture and other areas. They can be used for weighing animals, pallets, big bags, bales and other goods.
The Agreto platform scales stand out clearly from the many standard scales on the market. The Agreto platform scales are completely hot dip galvanized, and the platform dimensions are based on the need of the typical agricultural practice.

Benefits of platform scales

Application areas of platform scales

Weighing bull Agreto platform scale


If the weighing platform is positioned accordingly and delimited with gratings or other walls as required, it can be used as an animal scale.

Weighing boxes Agreto platform scale

Pallets and boxes

The platform scale is the ideal balance for the fast weighing of pallets and other containers, which are transported by forklifts or loading vehicles.

Weighing goods Agreto platform scale

Parcelled goods

Parcelled goods can be simply placed on the weighing platform to determine their weight.

Weighing big bag Agreto platform scale

Other goods

In practical use, there are many possible applications, e.g. platform scales are also used for monitoring the filling of various bags, container and boxes.

The ideal version for any application

Platform scale Agreto

0.8 x 2 m

for animals and most agricultural applications

Platform hot dip galvanized Agreto

individual size

platforms can also be manufactured to customer specifications for OEM partners

Why Agreto?

Agreto Quality Made in Austria

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users

Downloads for weighing platforms

Manual Agreto Platform Scale galvanized


Datasheet Agreto Platform Scale galvanized


Agreto platform scale galvanized weighing bull


Platform scale Agreto


Technical data - platforms

Construction:chequer plate with reinforcing elements
Material:hot dip galvanized steel
Weighing range:2,000 kg / 4,400 lb
Resolution:0.5 kg / 1 lb
Cable length:6 m
Platform size:0.8 x 2 m
Loadcells:4 shear beam loadcells
Rated load:4,000 kg / 8,800 lb
Safe overload:120 %
Accuracy:0,02 %
Full scale output:3 mV / V
Power supply:5 to 12 VDC
Operating temperature:-35 to +70 C, -31 to +158 F
Protection class:IP68

Downloads for HD1 weight indicator

Manual Weight indicator Agreto HD1


Datasheet Weight display Agreto HD1


Quick guide Agreto Weight indicator HD1

Quick Guide

Agreto Weight indicator HD1 cattle


Stand Weight indicator Agreto HD1


Agreto Weight indicator HD1


Technical data - HD1 weight indicator

Material: stainless steel
Weight range: 0 to 999,999 kg / lb
Display: 6-digit backlit LCD, digits height: 25 mm
Resolution: 0.001 to 50 kg / lb
Functions: auto zero, manual zero, zero stabilisation, summing, automatic animal mode, energy saving mode
Operating temperature:-20 to +70 C, -4 to +158 F
Protection class:IP67
Power supply:110 to 230 VAC or 2 AA batteries 1.5 V
Dimensions (with bracket):258 x 178 x 58 mm (W-H-D)

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