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There are many occasions where things need to be weighed on a farm. Although this is often just for verification purposes, special requirements are set on the weighing equipment. For example, a robust construction and moisture resistance are important features.

Agreto’s range of scales has been specially optimized for use in the agricultural sector. All Agreto weighing equipment is sufficiently over-dimensioned to ensure a long service life.

Measuring devices

Checking the quality of the products produced is part of the daily work of farmers, agricultural contractors and dealers. Since having samples analysed in a laboratory is usually too expensive and too time-consuming, devices that enable measurements to be carried out quickly are used in practice.


More and more agricultural machinery is being used by cooperatives or as rental equipment. However, since many of these machines do not have their own on-board electronics for billing the operating times, they require counting equipment to be retrofitted.

To ensure the comprehensive billing of expensive machines, the counting devices must be reliable and above all tamper-proof. Agreto has therefore developed the AgriCounter series as a range of equipment for recording operating hours, distances, surface area dimensions and loads.
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