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Silo weighing system

Weighing modules 4x5t
Weighing modules 4x5t

Agreto weighing modules

The silo weighing system is the ideal solution to weigh silos and tanks outside. The modules consist of a shear beam loadcell, mounting plates and an integrated anti-lift-off protection.
The extremely robust heavy-duty modules have a capacity of 5, 10 or 15 t each and can be combined in any number.

Benefits of weighing modules

Application areas of weighing modules

Silo weighing system Agreto

Silos outdoors

Outside silos are exposed to wind pressure, so silo scale systems must be dimensioned to twice the load and must have reliable anti-lift-off protection to prevent the silo from falling over.

weighing silo

Silos indoors

All larger weighing applications require a floating load transfer from the construction to the loadcell so that tension in the construction does not negatively impact the weighing result.

Feed mixer biogas scale system Agreto


The silo weighing system allows the content of all types of containers to be easily weighed and monitored.

Weighing machinery


The weighing modules can also be used to weigh any machine parts and system parts that require weight details or capacities.

The ideal version for any application

Weighing modules Agreto

3 modules

Capacity 5t, 10t or 15t each

Weighing modules 4x5t

4 modules

Capacity 5t, 10t or 15t each

Weighing modules Agreto 6

6 modules

Capacity 5t, 10t or 15t each

Weighing modules Agreto 8

8 modules

Capacity 5t, 10t or 15t each

Why Agreto?

Agreto weigh beams box

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users

Downloads for weighing modules

Manual Agreto Heavy duty weighing module


Datasheet Agreto Heavy duty weighing module


Quick guide Agreto Scale kits

Quick Guide

Weighing modules Agreto silo


Agreto Weighing module 5t Agreto


Silo weighing system detail Agreto


Technical data weighing modules

Rated load:5, 10 t or 15 t per module
Safe overload:150 %
Accuracy:0,02 %
Full scale output:2 mV / V
Power supply:5 to 12 VDC
Operating temperature:-35 to +70 C, -31 to +158 F
Protection class:IP68
Cable length:6 m
Weighing module:
Material:Hot dip galavanized steel
Base plate 5 t:380 x 150 x 20 mm (L-W-H)
Top plate 5 t:150 x 150 x 15 mm (L-W-H)
Total height 5 t:114 mm
Base plate 10/15 t:440 x 200 x 25 mm (L-W-H)
Top plate 10/15 t:200 x 200 x 15 mm (L-W-H)
Total height 10/15 t:168 mm

Downloads for HD1 weight indicator

Manual Weight indicator Agreto HD1


Datasheet Weight display Agreto HD1


Quick guide Agreto Weight indicator HD1

Quick Guide

Agreto Weight indicator HD1 cattle


Stand Weight indicator Agreto HD1


Agreto Weight indicator HD1


Technical data HD1 weight indicator

Material: stainless steel
Weight range: 0 to 999,999 kg / lb
Display: 6-digit backlit LCD, digits height: 25 mm
Resolution: 0.001 to 50 kg / lb
Functions: auto zero, manual zero, zero stabilisation, summing, automatic animal mode, energy saving mode
Operating temperature:-20 to +70 C, -4 to +158 F
Protection class:IP67
Power supply:110 to 230 VAC or 2 AA batteries 1.5 V
Dimensions (with bracket):258 x 178 x 58 mm (W-H-D)

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