Baler moisture tester

Moisture tester for mounting in balers

Baler moisture tester Agreto
Baler moisture tester

Agreto PFM II

The Agreto PFM II baler mounted moisture tester is a fast determination device for measuring the moisture during the baling process.

The baler-mounted sensor measures the moisture content of the material in real time during the baling process, this allows the driver to react immediately.

Benefits of a baler mounted moisture sensors

Application areas of the baler moisture meter

Moisture sensor in round baler

Round balers

In a round baler, the sensor is mounted in a suitable position in the side wall of the chamber, ideally the position should be in the lower third of the bale size.

Moisture sensor in square baler

Square balers

In a square baler, whether it is a big or small squale baler – the sensor is mounted in a suitable position in the side wall at the end of the bale guideway.

Baling hay with round baler


Farmers with their own mechanics can use the moisture meter installed in the baler to ensure that they produce only bales with low moisture and best quality.

Baling hay with big square baler

Baling service provider

Service companies want to optimally utilize their machines. By continuously informing about the moisture content of the material, the driver can optimally use the possible time windows for the harvest and at the same time ensure a good quality.

Easy installation



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Why Agreto?

Baler moisture tester Agreto box

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users


Manual Baler moisture tester Agreto PFM


Datasheet Baler moisture tester Agreto PFM


Quick Guide Baler moisture tester Agreto PFM

Quick Guide

Baler moisture tester Agreto Moisture sensor


Baler moisture tester Agreto


Baler moisture tester Display Agreto


Technical data

Display: Backlit LCD
Digit height: 13 mm
Moisture range: 9 to 70 %
Resolution: 0.1 %
Accuracy: 0.8 %
Power supply: 12 V DC
Weight: 1.580 g
Display dimensions (with bracket): 70 x 131 x 62 mm (w-h-d)
Sensor plate dimensions: 110 mm diameter x 8 mm height
Box dimensions: 318 x 226 x 54 mm (w-h-d)

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