Farm Scales

Scales for agricultural applications

There are many occasions where things need to be weighed on a farm. Although this is often just for verification purposes, special requirements are set on the weighing equipment.
For example, a robust construction and moisture resistance are important features.

Agreto’s range of scales has been specially optimized for use in the agricultural sector. All Agreto weighing equipment are sufficiently over-dimensioned to ensure a long service life.

Weighing on a vehicle

When loading products, during application processes, or when using a machine for another purpose, stationary scales are often ill-suited to the purpose of determining the weight with sufficient accuracy to base decisions on it.

Three point hitch scale quick hook Agreto

Three-point hitch scale

The Agreto three-point-hitch scale is mounted between the three-point hitch or three-point linkage of the tractor and the attached implement. The weight of the load in the attached implement is determined by the scale and shown on the display in the driver’s cab.

The standard application of this scale is in combination with a fertilizer spreader where the system can also determine the application rate per hectare while driving.
AGRETO Hydraulic scale

Forklift scale

The Agreto hydraulic scale for forklifts and front loaders measures the pressure
in the lifting hydraulics and calculates the weight of the load.
The system is ideally suited for checking weights when loading transport vehicles.

Scale kits

Agreto’s weighing technology range includes a number of retrofit sets that can be installed by farmers.

AGRETO Scale Kit

Scale kit with weighing feet

The Agreto scale kit with weighing feet is the easiest way to retrofit silos, tanks, mills, feed mixers etc. with weighing equipment. The weighing feet are sturdy, waterproof and very easy to install.
A set includes 3 or 4 weighing feet with a capacity of 1 or 2 metric tons each. This results in a weighing range from 3,000 to 8,000 kg (6,600 to 17,600 lbs). The sets can be combined with any weight indicator.
Weighing modules Agreto

Weighing modules

Weighing modules with mounting plates and integrated anti-lift-off protection are the right choice for the higher weight range and for weighing silos and tanks outdoors.

The extremely robust heavy-duty modules are available with capacities of 5, 10
or 15 metric tons each and any number of them can be combined.
Weigh beams set Agreto

Weigh beams

Weigh beams are the ideal retrofit solution to provide cattle crushes, animal weighbridges and platforms with weighing equipment.

A set consists of 2 load bars with lengths of 60, 80 or 100 cm and a weight indicator.

Animal scales

Agreto animal scales are characterized by their robust and precise technology. The loadcells and weight displays are waterproof and suitable for the climate in animal houses, guaranteeing a long service life in heavy-duty conditions inside the animal house or outside. The metal parts are stainless steel, aluminium or hot-dip galvanized steel.

The weight indicators of our livestock scales have a special animal weighing mode which shows a stable weight even when the animals are restless. Pig scale, calf scale or sheep scale –Agreto animal scales represent the highest quality in scales that is available on the market.

Pig scale Agreto

Pig scale

The Agreto single animal scale is a portable scale for pigs, sheep and calves. The scale is delivered as 3 packages by a parcel delivery service, to be assembled by the user.
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