Privacy Policy Agreto Spreader App

1. General

The Agreto Spreader app is developed and provided by:

Agreto electronics GmbH
Mogersdorf 17
8382 Mogersdorf

Telephone: +43 3325 20920

2. Functionality of the app

The Agreto spreader app is a supplement to the Agreto three-point scale to optimize the application of fertilizer.
The app establishes a connection to the Agreto WA01 or WA02 weighing indicator via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), reads the weight via the BLE connection and displays the weight in the app.
The app determines the positions and driving speed via the smartphone’s GPS receiver. The currently applied quantity in kg per hectare is calculated while driving from the decreasing weights of the scales, the set working width and the speed. This calculation requires a stable and permanent GPS connection.

3. Necessary device services


The Bluetooth functionality must be present and activated on the device in order to work with the app.

Background location

a. In order to use the Bluetooth functionality, location approval is required from the operating system.
b. For the calculation of the driving speed, GPS location is needed. In order to continue the calculation even if the app is not in the foreground, the background location is required.

The necessary background location permission is indicated by the system before the request is made when starting the app. If the permission is not accepted, no connection to the indicator can be established and no speed can be calculated.

4. Personal data processed

When installing the app
When downloading the app, the necessary data is transferred to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. We have no influence on this data collection and are not responsible for it. We do not process or store this data.
When using the app
No personal data is processed.

5. Tools used for analysis, communication and advertising

No tools are used.
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