Hay moisture tester

Moisture tester for hay and straw

Hay moisture tester 50 cm Agreto
Hay moisture tester 50 cm

Agreto HFM II

The Agreto HFM II hay and straw moisture meter is a fast determination device for measuring the moisture of compressed hay and straw.

This is measured by inserting the lance into the bale. The result is displayed in real time.

Benefits of a hay and straw moisture meters

Application areas of the hay and straw moisture meter

Testing bales before baling

Producing hay and straw

When harvesting forage, a lot depends on timing. The moisture of the material determines when it should be baled. If the moisture is low enough, baling can be started or continued.

Check moisture while drying haybales

Drying hay

Drying should be done as energy-efficiently as possible. The moisture is continuously monitored so that the drying process can be finished exactly at the right moment.

Trading hay and straw

Trading with hay and straw

Buyers of hay and straw want to buy untainted goods with a low moisture content. To avoid any complaints, sellers should prevent that excessively wet bales are sold.

Feeding hay to cattle

Feeding hay

High feed quality is the foundation for successful livestock farming. The moisture content of bales of hay is an important quality factor for animal farmers.

The ideal probe length for any application

Hay moisture tester 25 cm Agreto

25 cm

The short version for quick measuring when baling

Hay moisture tester 50 cm Agreto

50 cm

The standard length for universal use

Hay moisture tester 100 cm Agreto

100 cm

The longer version for checking bales on a trailer

Hay moisture tester 200 cm Agreto

200 cm

The longest version for checking bales in store or the haystack


Why Agreto?

Agreto hay and straw moisture meter box

Advantages for dealers and OEM partners

Agreto 5 years warranty

Advantages for users




Datesheet Agreto Hay moisture tester






Hay moisture tester 50 cm Agreto


Technical data

Probe length:25 / 50 / 100 / 200 cm
Moisture range:9 to 70 %
Resolution:0.1 %
Accuracy:0.8 %
Temperature range:0 to 100 C, 32 to 212 F
Resolution:1.0 degree
Power supply: 9 V battery (included)
Weight (50 cm): 650 g
Device dimensions (50 cm): 772 x 70 x 48 mm (L-W-H)
Box dimensions (50 cm): 800 x 78 x 54 mm (L-W-H)

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